Flyers for Health Fairs and Wellness Programs

Wellness Program Ideas.

Want some wellness program ideas and wellness policy ideas to get you started? Or maybe you want to jump begin or improve upon your current wellness program?

The list below provides “best practices’ that can help meet any wellness program budget! the Wellness Program ideas are divided into topic areas.

General Wellness Progam Ideas

• Policy – Conduct an Employee Needs and Interest Survey

• Policy – Develop a management/employee Wellness Committee

• Policy – Choose health plans that cover costs for weight control and tobacco use cessation

• Policy – Waive co-payment or reimburse for preventive healthcare visits

• Program – Display  handouts on a selection of wellness topics for workers to take

• Program – Establish a wellness resource center or library with videos, books, magazines, DVD’s on a selection of topics of interest to employees

• Program – Identify workers who are mentors or champions for healthful activities and ask them to present or to list as a contact for other employees

• Program – Plan and promote periodic or regular educational sessions.

• Program – Plan monthly educational sessions on the national health observance topic

• Program – Post a Wellness Bulletin Board and update it monthly

• Program – Promote messages from national health observances during the month

• Program – Publish and/or post healthful tips in newsletters, paycheck stuffers, bulletin boards, etc.

• Program – Sponsor a benefits fair

• Program – Sponsor company fitness and healthy eating challenges

• Program – Sponsor corporation wellness fairs or other onsite events

Nutrition Programs

• Policy – Offer free, healthful snacks for employees (fruit, nuts, popcorn)

• Policy – Provide healthy meal choices in cafeterias and at company events

• Policy – Provide information to workers about the nutritional content of food served in the cafeteria

• Policy – Begin a fresh fruit “snack basket” in the breakroom or cafeteria

• Policy – Stock vending machines with healthier options

• Policy – Subsidize healthful foods in the cafeteria or vending machines (10? apples may  be more appealing than $1.00 candy bars)

• Program – Coordinate a weekly or monthly healthful lunch club

• Program – Have  pamphlets available on a selection of healthful consuming topics

• Program – Include nutrition articles in business newsletters

• Program – Schedule a healthful food tasting contest Free

• Program – Schedule educational sessions at lunch-time on a variety of nutrition topics of interest

• Program – Sponsor an staff member healthy food cookbook. Either sell the cookbook and use profits for programs, or purchase a cookbook for all employees

Weight Loss Programs / Weight Management Programs

• Policy – Consider flexible work schedules so that workers can participate in weight-loss programs

• Policy – Subsidize registration costs for weight-management programs

• Program – Form a support group to help workers who are trying to lose weight

• Program – Locate registered dieticians near your worksite as a resource for staff members who want information on healthful consuming, meal planning or weight control

• Program – Offer individual counseling for employees trying to lose weight

• Program – Offer on-site fitness and weight-management programs through your local hospital, Weight Watchers, TOPS or local, registered dietician

• Program – Schedule an educational session on diet myths and healthy eating

Exercise Programs

• Policy – Allow flexible work schedules to encourage exercise

• Policy – Develop a fitness space with aerobic equipment, and weights

• Policy – Create accessible walking paths, trails, and/or bike routes

• Policy – Be sure to encourage employees to walk more by parking farther away from the entrance

• Policy – Establish a fitness club with aerobic equipment, weights, group exercise classes, fitness professionals

• Policy – Hold walking meetings

• Policy – Make the stairwells more appealing (carpet, fresh paint, artwork, posters)

• Policy – Offer reduced gym membership fees to all staff members

• Policy – Provide facilities for workers to secure bicycles

• Policy – Schedule 5 – 10 minute stretch breaks during the day

• Policy – Subsidize fitness center membership for workers who participate a minimal number of days per week (ex., 3 days per week)

• Policy – Support lunchtime walking/running clubs or business sports team

• Program – Be sure to encourage stairwell use and incentives

• Program – Install a basketball hoop outside

• Program – Promote and support community walks or fitness events

• Program – Promote walking during breaks and other off-time periods

• Program – Give periodic fitness incentive programs to encourage exercise

• Program – Schedule educational sessions on fitness activities

Tobacco use Cessation Programs / Tobacco Cessation Programs

• Policy – Create a tobacco-free grounds

• Policy – Develop a smoke-free workplace

• Policy – Make sure to encourage the use of 1-800-QUIT-NOW, North Carolina’s free Tobacco Use Quitline. Or check

• Policy – Reimburse for tobacco replacement products

• Policy – Subsidize the cost of smoking cessation workshops

• Program – Give  brochures and information on health effects from tobacco use and tobacco cessation

• Program – Schedule awareness sessions to motivate staff members to try to quit tobacco use

• Program – Schedule onsite use of tobacco cessation workshops

Worker Medical Screening

• Policy – Discount medical insurance premiums or reduce co-payments for staff members who participate in screenings and who participate in managing their risk factors

• Policy – Install blood pressure (BP) monitoring equipment

• Program – Offer flu shots for employees and family members

• Program – Offer Health Risk (Assessment|Appraisal}s to all staff members, including counseling and follow-up

• Program – Offer periodic blood pressure (BP) screenings and follow-up

• Program – Offer periodic screenings for cholesterol, blood sugar, body composition, etc.

Stress Management Programs / Be certain to work Life Balance Programs

• Program – Allow flexible schedules for family/work life balance

• Program – Offer and promote an worker assistance program

• Program – Give information on substance abuse prevention

• Program – Give  flyers and information on stress management and mental health

• Program – Give  handouts and information on work life balance, like financial planning, childcare, parenting, elder care, etc.

• Program – Give supervisor and manager training on communication, relationship building, organizational stressors, etc.

• Program – Review business policies and work schedules to identify organizational stressors

• Program – Review the worker assistance program to ensure it’s meeting the needs of the employees and company

• Program – Schedule educational sessions on stress management and work life balance

• Program – Schedule seminars on relaxation, stress management, and work life balance topics

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